Championing The Change Of Laundry In Nursery Schools

KT Wash, a detergent manufacturing company located in Nigel, east of Johannesburg, has recently explored a pilot project that could see a breakthrough in laundry and washing powder market dynamics, targeted at over 26,000 nursery schools across the country.

Using research and insight, KT Wash has established that most nursery schools handwash items that are used by kids, which in turn takes up a lot of time. And through this insight, the company saw an opportunity to present a laundry solution that is both viable and affordable and fitting into the daily routine of schools.

The idea is to enable nursery schools through offering self-sustaining laundrette services. KT Wash has donated washing machines and laundry detergent supplies to three nursery schools in Alexandra, Gauteng, since the inception of its pilot project. A smart fill dispenser was also provided to manage the distribution of packaging free-hand and machine-washing powder, as well as shelving and storage to help manage the laundrette service.

Nursery schools can use the provided washing machines and detergents for their own needs and sell the laundry offerings to the community. From R2 for a load, the powder stock levels are managed via SmartFill’s cloud services and trigger replenishment when stock levels are low.

CEO of KT Wash, Ayman Abdelmeguid added: “Not only is this ground-breaking but also transformative. This could change the way laundry is done in township nurseries which are underfunded and overlooked by the community. This is not only an opportunity to introduce a solution that has been neglected, but an opportunity to make life as we know it much easier for those raising our future of pioneers.”